Why to choose PARTICINOTES

PARTICINOTES are high quality sticky notes, specially made for teams and coaches. Do you still rip appart your sticky note blocks to hand them to your team members, have sticky note colours that are barely distinguishable or notes that simple don't stick long enough? This is how PARTICINOTES are better:

Easy Share

Instead of 1 block of 100 sheets our sticky note blocks are subdivided in 10 pads with 10 sheets. This makes sharing them much easier. And collecting the leftovers afterwards as well!

Extra Sticky

PARTICINOTES are extra sticky by default. There is not even a "normal sticky" version available. Because we believe that sticky notes should actually keep sticking.

Distinguishable Colours

PARTICINOTES come in 3 neon colours that are chosen with care. Other brands offer you sticky notes where you barely can tell neon green and neon yellow apart. Our sticky notes come in bright neon green, neon orange and neon magenta. Perfect for retrospectives!

Meet The Founder

Kevin started Teamwork Supplies as a side project after he worked for 4 years as scrum master and change agent for a large IT consultancy. With the background in hands on work in software development teams he notices improvement potential in the materials that one uses as a scrum master. This is the starting point of PARTICINOTES, the best sticky notes for teams and coaches, made by a scrum master for scrum masters.

What customers say

Some feedback we got through Amazon, Facebook etc.

Margherita Stella Frezza

Scrummaster from Ireland

"I tried them out in 2 differente retrospectives, they are sooo good! At first I thought they were too large, but they are actually the perfect size for retros. I just put them all on the table and the devs took the ones they needed, it was not messy and no waste this time. Also very good glue, it sticks way better than the ones I'm used to."

Matthias v. Mitzlaff

Amazon.de 5 Star Review

"[...] Eine wirkliche Bereicherung für den Workshopmoderator!"

(A real asset to the workshop moderator!)

Mr. Mavadia

Amazon.co.uk 5 Star Review

"These are awesome! [...]"


New and Newsworthy Things

User fotos: Particinotes in Action

Here you find a slide show with some impressions of Particinotes in action. From scrum retrospectives to workshops, Particinotes help Scrum Masters, Coaches and all others who want to move our working world. Special thanks Read more…

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Teamwork Supplies is a true online company. So keep it simple and contact me via
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