Ever wondered what Easy Share means? It is this feature that makes Particinotes the best sticky notes for collaboration. It’s like they spread by themselves:

The unique Easy Share functionality makes Particinotes one of a kind

What is Easy Share? Particinotes blocks are subdivided into 10 mini blocks that hold 10 super sticky notes each. Each such mini block has non sticking backing sheet that keeps all the sticky notes dust free and ready for use. Those mini blocks allows you to quickly hand out sticky notes to up to 10 people. No matter if you are in a retrospective session where everybody has its own (mini) block or in a bigger workshop where piles of mini blocks are available for every one to note down ideas.

Particinotes come in different sets. Check them out on our product page.

Did you know that Particinotes are the best Sticky Notes for retrospectives? Read why!

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