It’s about time! After some hard work and lots of bumps on the way, finally PARTICINOTES are in stock at Amazon. With their unique easy share function, PARTICINOTES are the best when it comes to collecting ideas and opinions from a group. This and the optimal colour combination and extra stickiness makes them the ultimate sticky note for retrospektives and training sessions. PARTICINOTES come in 3 sizes:




  • A TestSet for the unsure, that want to convince themselves from the quality. The TestSet comes with 1 block of each colour.
  • TheBOX is the main size, with enough sticky notes for 5-6 sessions with your team. This set holds 3 blocks of each colour.
  • TheSTASH is the biggest retail size*, with enough PARTICINOTES for an organization with multiple teams. This set holds 24 blocks of each colour. The right side for agile IT departments, start-ups or busy scrum coaches.

Check out our product page to get all the details and links to where buy them.

*) If you need more, contact me via the email in the home page footer. We can make special deals for bulk orders.

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